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Marian Suite

Celtic and Paraguayan Harps

In The Marian Suite, the harps act as the principal narrators of the life of Mary of Nazareth. The subject is passionate and dramatic. Mystery, love, suffering, injustice, the angelic, the divine, and the cosmic all intermingle.

Music composed by : Robin Grenon
* Gregorian / arr. : R. Grenon
** Gregorian / arr.: G. Guibord
*** Gregorian / arr.: R. Grenon, G. Guibord


1- Marian Ballad (3:22)
Like a flower swaying in the wind, Mary scampers through the sunny fields, light-hearted and pure.
2- Alleluia* (0:56)
This extract from the Stabat Mater predicts the sorrows that await Mary...
3- Ave Maria (2:46)
Mary consents to the angel Gabriel's every word. She accepts to be the Chosen One, the handmaid of the Lord.
4- Greetings, Mary (2:49)
Mary visits Elizabeth who, like her, will soon give birth. At the height of their happiness the two cousins break into song: the hymn ''Magnificat'' resounds...
5- Puer Natus*** (1:55)
The Gregorian hymn (Puer Natus in Bethlehem) announces Christ's birth. Based on a popular medieval dance, the arrangement evokes the shepherds singing and dancing on their way to the stable; in awe, they contemplate the nativity of Christ.
6-The March of the Kings (2:50)
Far away in the desert, the Magi follow the star which will lead them to Mary's Son.
7- Ave Maris Stella I ** Solemn tone (solo G. Guibord) (2:13)
Variations on the Gregorian hymn: Hail to thee, Star of the Sea.
8- Marie comme dans mer (Mary as in ''Mer'') (solo R. Grenon) (1:37)
Dedicated to all mothers rocking their babes...and to the sea.
9- Mary's Anguish (2:33)
Mary's worries have become as great and deep as were her joys.
10- Ave Maris Stella II Festive tone (solo R. Grenon) (3:05)
Variations on the Gregorian hymn.
11- The Wedding at Cana (3:05)
The feast of feasts! The more they dance, the more they drink, the better the wine. Mary inspires Jesus to perform His first miracle - to change water into wine.
12- Mystical Smile (2:07)
An image of serenity, of goodness, of peace...
13- Ave Maris Stella III (simple tone) (3:02)
Variations on the Gregorian hymn
14- Canon of Love (3:16)
Love reciprocated, subtle and profound.
15- What have they done to my Son and why? (3:16)
Mary standing at the foot of the cross (Stabat Mater) holds back her tears. Why so much pain, so much violence? At the end, the major chord recalls Mary's acceptance and her dignity in the face of this greatest of trials.
16- Mary in the Upper Chamber of the Cenacle (4:29)
Surrounded by her Son's disciples, she awaits a sign of hope. The Spirit decends upon them and gives them the courage to go out and speak in many tongues.
17- Mary Covered With Glory (3:04)
Mary, radiant, is raised towards the heavens where she joins her Son and Father.
18- Ora Pro Nobis (solo R. Grenon) (3:25)
A litany and prayer to the Queen of Hearts.
Total Program Length: 51:12