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In sunlight and in flowers the Paraguayan harp rediscovers its European ancester, the Celtic harp, brought to South America in the 16th century by Irish and Spanish Jesuits.

In mist and in moonlight, the Celtic harp explores its sublime past through the evolution of the South American harp. One harp: light, ethereal, stimulating, stirring. The other: dark, massive, nostalgic, vibrant. Contrasts mingling with richness blending in harmony!

The title piece : Djiguedon, composition by Robin Grenon, is a pun on the Irish ‘Jig’ and the French rigodon, two festive dances from our ancestors.

Recorded in La Prairie in 2001. Celtic harps : Lisandre (Leprechaun Junior), Chantia (Edward Rusnak, Montréal, QC). Paraguayan harps : La Mamma, La Beaudoin (Alain Beaudoin, Québec, QC).

Available on CD (length : 55 mins ) / by mail order
For licensing reasons, only 12 titles are available for downloading